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about1When it comes to specialty chemicals and effects to boost the performance or enhance the appearance and alter the behavior in many industrial or consumer products, Additive Hellas S.A. is your partner. We add value by offering solutions which satisfy the unique needs of your clients in diverse applications and a vast array of final products. From greenhouse films, transparent polypropylene drinking cups and rodent and termite repellant cables to fluorescent nail varnishes and from white board marker and inkjet inks to wood stains and mirror and chrome effect paints, we work close with our customers in order to understand and meet the ever changing requirements.

Founded in 1997, Additive Hellas S.A. is well established and highly recognized industrial partner for offering excellent technical assistance which is based on the support of the selected and globally recognized principals represented coupled by the experience and continuous training of our specialized stuff. At the same time a prompt delivery schedule is followed; either by direct supply as agents or –for smaller quantities or safety stock- via our comprehensive warehouses in Greece (Athens) and Bulgaria (Sofia).

Our operating philosophy is rather simple: commitment to specialized chemicals more specifically to additives, colorants and effects which will add increased value to the final application by enhancing or altering properties, characteristics, appearance or behavior to the final product or application.

This entails close collaboration with our business partners in the stage of trials, product design, formulation, and manufacturing. Simultaneously we are on constant search for products which we believe are essential – often offering unique solutions- to the development of industries in our specific markets.

Major Principals represented at Additive Hellas are:

• BASF S.E. Pigments and Additives for Plastics (Greece) and also Additives for Coatings (Bulgaria). Most comprehensive range of pigments, antioxidants, processing agents, uv stabilizers and diverse functional additives for polymer production and processing.

• RADIANT COLOR N.V. Fluorescent Pigments, dyes and tracers for wide range of applications including Plastics, Paints, Spray Paints, Inks and Cosmetics (Fluorescent nail polish, lip gloss, eye shadow).

• FERRO GmbH Mixed Metal Oxide pigments for coatings, construction, cool roofing and ceramic applications.

• MIFAR S.r.l. Pigment Preparations for nail lacquers, printing inks, inkjet inks, coatings, white board marker inks and finishing.

• C-TECH Corp. Non-Toxic Rodent, Termite, Bird and Animal Repellants for Plastics. Denatonium Benzoate.

• KEYSTONE Aniline Corp. Dyes for wood stains, lubricants, greases, car shampoo, waxes and other applications.

• SCHOLZ GmbH Aqueous and Universal Pastes for Decorative paints, concrete, mortar.

• CHROMIROX Mirror Effect and Chrome Effect Paint & Spray for Plastics, Metal, Wood, Ceramics, Real Metal Paints (Cold Metallization), Metal Effects, Special Effects Paints